YFG-811 YAMAHA Custom Fagott

A custom bassoon that used European maple for the pipe.
YAMAHA_FAGOTTS_Y_4c6e407ca45c7.jpgYFG-811 YAMAHA Customs Fagott
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Last Update: 9th Oct 2022


  YFG-811 YFG-811C
Color / Finish
Body Pipe coating Urethane paint Urethane paint
A key Trilky FG, EF # FG, EF #
roller 6 rollers (LowC #, LowEb, F #, Ab 1, Ab 2, F) 6 rollers (LowC #, LowEb, F #, Ab 1, Ab 2, F)
Attached key High D key High D key
Equipment Balancer, Bb key guard Balancer, Bb key guard
Mechanism / structure
system Heckel formula Heckel formula
Body material European Maple European Maple
Key material Western white · silver plating Western white · silver plating
Bundled items Case FGC-802N FGC-802C
vocal Super vocals CN 1 S, CN 2 S (with 2) Super vocals CN 1 S, CN 2 S (with 2)
Other Polishing cloth, cleaning swab, cork grill, driver, strap, lead case Polishing cloth, cleaning swab, cork grill, driver, strap, lead case

Two custom

YFG-811 (photo left), which adopted the standard pipe wall thickness and pursued the universal appearance of bassoon. Regardless of the player and the style of play, it responds flexibly. It boasts a wide range of expression power. On the other hand, YFG-812 (right picture) is a heavy type whose wall thickness is thicker than 4 mm thick. It realizes the dark and well-mixed timbre required for contemporary orchestras.

Scrutiny material

Only Yamaha 's plentiful European Maple materials used only for sound selection. Although it is a material that is considered to be extremely difficult to process, Yamaha has also introduced the trends of drying and processing technology for wood that has been cultivated here for 100 years.

Tube processing without compromise

It is the crafting man's technique to change the carefully designed design to the reality such as tube and tone hole inner diameter / position. I carefully worked with the hands of people who know the heart of the tree and the heart of music. We aimed at perfection for the inner pipe and the assembly inside the wood pipe, aimed at a stable instrument from the aspect of durability. In addition to tube processing, we also introduce state-of-the-art digital technology, eliminating the disadvantages of the conventional bassoon's pitch. The hard work of the player "taking a pitch" is in the past.

Pipe coating

Adopted paint that has excellent fixability and difficult to peel off for tube coating. It boasts outstanding durability.

We applied a finish that matched Japanese climate and culture.

Key system (System is common to both 811 and 812)

All key systems are handworked by skilled craftsmen one by one, pursuing operability and quality. Balancer and B ♭ kei guard are equipped as standard, and adopting the roller system and the thumb key of the left hand which was considered a difficult point of the performance are designed one size larger.In addition, by setting the left hand little finger key, the right hand thumb, the little finger key etc etc in a natural and reasonable position, it improves operability and the player can concentrate on musical expression.

Case (YFG-811)

The attached case is FGC-802N.

Case (YFG-811C)

The attached case is FGC-802C.



Special Order 

1. Top F # Roller Key

F # Plus the roller in the key. It facilitates the migration of FF #. ¥ 20,000 

2. Right hand thumb F # Roller key

Equipped with Ab key on the roller of F # key of the right thumb. It facilitates the migration of F # -Ab. ¥ 20,000 

3. Right hand thumb E Roller key

Plus 2 rollers on the E key of the right thumb. Usability is improved. ¥ 40,000 

4. Right Hand Thumb Bb Roller Key

Plus a roller on the Bb key of the right thumb. Usability is improved. ¥ 30,000 

5. Right hand Pianissimo slide lock key

You can open and close the vocal pianissimo sound hole with your right thumb. ¥ 30,000 

6. Right hand Eb Trilkey (※)

Trill of D - Eb is possible with the right index finger. ¥ 80,000 (excluding tax)

7. C # Whisper Rock Roller Key

Plus a roller to C # key and whisper lock key. The operability of the left thumb improves. ¥ 60,000 

8. Bass C / D Roller Key

Roller is equipped between low key C key and D key. Easy to move the left thumb. ¥ 60,000 

9. Left hand Eb Trilkey (※)

Trill of D - Eb is possible with the left ring finger. ¥ 60,000 

10. Joint hinge

The tenor joint and the bus joint are fixed, and the joint can be prevented from shifting in the bass part. ¥ 25,000 

11. High A pianissimo contact arm

High A key and whisper key are linked, and you can close the vocal pianissimo sound hole. ¥ 16,000 

12. Silver tone hole

You can put a sterling silver tube in the left hand F, E, D, right hand C, high G, H sound hole. Excellent abrasion resistance, you can obtain the sound tone peculiar to this material. ¥ 140,000 

* 6. Please be aware that you can not attach the right hand Eb trill key and the left hand Eb trill key

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YAMAHA Original Case

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