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(Last update: 2023-03-21)

Due to the lack of semiconductors, currently we are having a delay in receiving any brand-new STAGEA.

As of today, the current shipping schedule is estimated to be around the end of September 2023.

As per our policy, we would like to disclose how many back orders we currently have, and we would like to have transparency for our customers who are waiting for their STAGEA. 

Here is our waiting list and we are going to ship from the top in order. 


Queue Model Destination Customer Initial Order date  Received at our store Number of days since the order to we received
1 ELS-02X (Professional)-Posted  Australia  C.W 2022-08-3  2022-12-05  94 
2 ELS-02X (Professional) Spain P.H 2022-12-06 2023-03-28 112 
3 ELS-02C (Custom) Austria W.U 2022-09-27 2023-04-04 189
4 ELS-02C (Custom) Spain J.M 2022-11-30 TBA TBA
5 ELS-02X  (Professional) Indonesia L.L 2023-01-28 TBA TBA
6 ELS-02C (Custom) Germany C.T TBA TBA TBA
7 ELS-02C (Custom) USA M.R TBA TBA TBA


We apologize for this delay.  

Taro Ogata

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