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Advertise your Pre-Loved Electone to local people

Our hope is that people can make contact with other local players and continue to epand the Electone universe for all of us.

Please introduce yourself including location details  as a start when selling your electone to provide other local players with a chance to contact you via us.


For Seller

It's free to advertise your Electone .

Please send us the following infomation.

1)Clear pictures of your electone including all parts

2)Description of item conditons in your words. We are not going to edit your words.

3)Item location - City ,Town (if possible) & Country

4)You have to welcome an item inspection with no guarantee of purchase.


After we provide buyers contact info, You will need contact to buyer.

You will need to organise shipping.  (For example, check shipping cost, or tell available pick up date to buyer)

To do safe transaction (Seller)

A) Please do not send your instruments before you receive payment.

B) Before you send your Electone take specific pictures as much as you can.

C) Shipping insurance and a tracking number is a must.

D) If possible let the buyer come to have a look your Electone.


--- For  Buyer ---

We don't charge any fees if you are happy to comunicate with the seller and pay the seller directly.

If you want us to be in the middle of the deal to help ease any concerns a fee is applied - (8% of the total payment)

We will send your payment to the seller after you receive the item safely.

To do safe transaction (Buyer)

1)If possible please go have a look and the check instrument first.

2)Shipping insurance and tracking number is must.



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