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Are you planning to visit to Japan soon?

If your answer is Yes, 

We can send some of our products to major international airports in Japan so you can just pick up your item at the airport when you leave Japan.



---Your Benefits ---

1 ) Save shipping cost. You can take your item with you when you leave Japan with your checked luggage.

(But you must organise or check with your airline for oversized luggage)

2)  Saving import tax in your country (depends on country, you may still need to pay) 


--- You can choose from the following airports in Japan ---

Please check opening hours and locations.

Narita International Airport Terminal 1  (JAL ABC Departure Counter) Click →map (JAL official site)

Narita International Airport Terminal 2  (JAL ABC Departure Counter) Click →map (JAL official site)

Haneda International Airport (JAL ABC Departure Counter) Click →map (JAL official site) 

Chubu Centrair  International Airport (JAL ABC Departure Counter) Click →map (JAL official site) 

Kansai International Airport (JAL ABC Departure Counter) Click →map (JAL official site) 

--- Delivery Time ---

It takes at least 2 days to the airport after we dispatch your items from our office in Fukuoka. 

Please add our products dispatch lead time 5-7 days on it. (It depends on the items) 

We strongly suggest to complete your order/payment at least 10 -20 days before your departure date from Japan. 


--- What we can not send --- 

When we judged it is easier and cheaper to send to your home.

For example,

If your total items weights is less than 5kg.

If your total items value is less than JPY 30,000.

In these cases, we use normal international shipping carrier with tracking number. 

If you have any questions or quotes please contact us .





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