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Have you received your Electone ?

How was the experience with Taro's TRADE JAPAN?

How was your customs clearance experience?



Please share your experience with us. 

In return we will send you 2 Electone books and Registration data with USB memory stick for your effort.

You can pick any books from Hello! STAGEA ELS-02/C/X Series 


For example 


1) Hello! SATGEA Vol.4 ELS-02/C/X Grade 5-3 JPY 2,700 + ELS-02C data JPY 1,800 

2) Hello! STAGEA Vol.5 ELS-02/C/X Grade 5-3 JPY 2,700 + ELS-02C data JPY 1,800 

Books Total (2 Qty) JPY 5,400 

Registration data Total JPY 3,600 

USB Memory Stick JPY 2,000

Taro's TRADE Registration data handling fee [1-5 Books] JPY 3,000 

Shipping cost [US,Canada, Australia] JPY 3,000 

Total value is JPY 17,000

(You can get this For free!)

Please note : You can only pick brand new book. Out of Publish books is not available to pick.



1) This is for someone who purchased any Electone (Brand new one or used) from us. 

2) Review words must more than 200 words. (This page article words 242 words so it is less than page) 

3) Provide us any pictures of your STAGEA after set up or when you received in box. 

4) You must write your review within 30 days after you received. 

5) You can use own language. (It does not have to be in English) 

 How to write a review (Or you can send us your letter with pictures to our email address) 







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