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We can order your favorite item from Japanese online retailers and ship it to your address.


How to Order?

1) Email us the details, retailer and product information including a URL if possible for the product wanted. We will confirm availability and product and then notify you of the full cost with handling fee and shipping. Most products will require full payment prior to our order, in some cases and for trusted clients, a deposit via PayPal of 10-30% will be an option.

2) After we received your payment or deposit we will place the order with your chosen retailer. 

3) Once the order is confirmed any remaining payments need to be made by bank money transfer. (If the total cost is more than JPY100,000)

4) After we confirm full payment we will dispatch your item within 5-7 days.




Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel it but any deposit can not be refunded.

After we received your payment or deposit we will order your item immediately.

Once we order the item we can not cancel our order and a refund is not possible.

Please think carefully when you place the order.


 Handling fees are different depending on the items weight, size and fragility.

This information will be added to the quote prior to ordering.


For example:

Our Handling fee For Guitar & Bass Guitar (Any General size and Acoustic or Electric)

Item cost including the retailers shipping cost

Item Cost Including Shipping cost to our office (Japanese yen) Taro's TRADE Handling Fee
0 > JPY 100,000 JPY 12,000
JPY 100,000 > JPY 200,000 JPY 16,000
JPY 200,000 > JPY 300,000 JPY 19,000
< JPY 300,000 Please Ask


Shipping cost via EMS 

To Asia    -----------------JPY 12,500

To Australia,NZ, USA, ----JPY 16,000 

To Europe -----------------JPY 18,500

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