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We are looking for online Electone teachers from various countries. 

It is most desirable if you can speak English and another language.





Please send us details of your teaching fees and plans 

For example; 

You can set your own price and time range.

30 minutes = US$30 or

1-hour class = US$40

Flexible options and a variety of class choices is recommended



If you are only focusing on domestic students you can list your own countries currency.

it would be advantageous to list the price in a major currency like USD or even BTC(Bitcoin).



It would be great to list your available time in UTC or specific local time. 

Your future students may be living on the other side of the world.


How to receive payment from a student?

There are no specific methods so you can discuss it with your student. 

We recommend the following payment methods.


1. Transfer Wise (

The most efficient way to transfer or receive an international money transfer.


2. Paypal 

You will need to pay 3.9% receiving fee.




Please create your biography and provide a profile picture.

We will make the special banner that leads to your page. 

It would be great if you can describe your self in English and your own language. 



 A Few Suggestions from Taro

Youtube channel

1. It would be nice to have short lesson movies on Youtube for each step. So your students are able to repeat to watch and practice. 

2. Only your students can watch that channel with a passcode. 

3. You students can practice at home with your Youtube instruction. 

4. Once a week you will review the progress with students one on one through an online video.

5. Repeat  No. 1- 4 process with other students. 




Set up the short term course for the student's demands.

It may be a nice to setup the short term.

For example; 

  • One month beginner course (For the students who have an organ but not Electone)
  • 3 Month Advance course (This course will teach from basic scales to foot pedal technique) 
  • For the person who wants to master a specific music piece (This course students can pick any music. Practice together with teacher) 



Please do not copy & share your music book (from Yamaha music media) with your student. 

If one of you did not have original music sheet please suggest purchasing the brand new book.


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