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What will we cover with Taro's TRADE 1 year Warranty?

For all our customers who purchased Brass & Wind Instrument from us, included is a Taro's TRADE JAPAN 1 year warranty.

This warranty will cover a maximum JPY 100,000 for repair costs.

(For USED Instrument maximum JPY 50,000)


This warranty will cover issues resulting from normal internal use.

This warranty will not cover the issues for any external reasons of damage the instruments.


We can not cover following issues:

1) Spills onto or misuse of the instrument resulting in damage

2) Flood or fire damage

3) Damage caused during transportation

4) Knocks or breaks from misuse


What should you do if your Brass or Wind instrument has an issue within the warranty period:

1) Please send us a message with images. 

Please explain the details as much as possible. 


2) We will advise you which repair shop to send your instrument for service. 

Please forward the shipping cost bill after you send the instrument. We will send through the shipping cost immediately. 

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