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Catherine, Taro and Kumiko

Taro Ogata


I started Taro’s trade with the idea of supplying quality Japanese products at reasonable prices. I hope this business continues to improve and becomes successful.
I thank all our customers and I look forward to doing business with new people from new places.

Position: Founder of Taro’s TRADE
Favorite things: Playing the piano. I like Chopin, Mozart and Beethoven. Learn foreign languages.

Favorite foods: Japanese Udon and Ramen.
Favorite drinks: Asahi Beer and Victorian Bitter.
Date of Birth: 20th June 1981
Spare time: Making new internet business opportunities

Taro Ogata Taro Ogata
Me with David Helfgott at his concert in Ballarat, Australia, June 2006  

Catherine Ogata


Taro’s Trade is improving well and with hard work we hope to be able to continue to improve our service.

Position: Partner – in every way
Favorite things: Playing trumpet in jazz, concert and brass bands.
Sports: …..need to be more active
Favorite foods: Apple Pie and Japanese Nashi Pear
Favorite drinks: Mango smoothie and beer – in all forms
Date of Birth: 8th April 1980 – yes I am older than my husband
Weekends: Love watching TV on the sofa with Taro.


Kumiko Ogata


Doing business with people all over the world has increased my interest in other countries and cultures.

Position: Shipping Department Manager.
Favorite things: Gardening. Cooking and Singing Karaoke.
Sports: Walking, Table Tennis.
Favorite : Strawberry Cake
Favorite drinks: Japanese Sake
Date of Birth: 2th February 1951
Nights: Serving my customers in my little bar


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