YAMAHA Clarinet YCL-SEV master A (Key: A)

Released Date : Sep 2010
Custom SE Series A tube. Tubular body is Granadilla, Key is forged silver plating, Core metal · Screws are stainless steel, Needle spring · Leaf spring is hard steel, Model with 17 key ring, boom type · joint ring.
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Last Update: 20th Sep 2018

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YAMAHA Original Case

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SEVmaster series


The design of the barrel is an important factor which greatly influences the sound of the instrument and the sense of the wind.

The inner diameter of the barrel of the SEV master is composed of a combination of a large taper and a straight opening, it makes the street of breath smoother and features a comfortable blowing feeling.


The shape and material of the bell have a great influence on the sound of the sound, and it is also one of the major factors to create the musical instrument character. SEVmaster is a powerful blowing feeling with weighted sense of resistance, but features natural sound.

Thick plating of key and acoustic annealing processing

In order to realize the rich expressiveness in fortissimo, we are applying thick key plating thickly.

At the same time, the resistance feeling at the time of blowing which is increased by thick plating is reduced by acoustic annealing which makes use of original know-how and balanced.

Leather tampo

The adoption of leather tampo, which has improved airtightness and durability, brings out the charm of the Vmaster series to the fullest, giving more breathtaking sound.

Rising sound hole

By adopting the C # / G # rising sound hole, sound omission improves, realizing a smooth breath flow and agile response.

Pipe coating

By adopting special silver plating and applying paint film treatment with 100% natural material paint, we gained a rich, rich sounding sound and good grain tone.



Mechanical option

E ♭ lever

Additional amount: JPY 28,000

The left hand little finger E ♭ lever can be installed in all custom models.

Mobile finger rest

Additional amount: JPY 9,000

Thumb fingers that can adjust the position of the thumb up and down can be mounted on all custom models.

※ Because mechanical options are special production, we will have time to deliver.









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