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YAMAHA Original Case

Taro's TRADE JAPAN 1 Year Warranty 


YCL-CSGlll / CSG-Alll

Mechanism / structure

  YCL - CSGlll YCL-CSG-Alll
Key ring 18-key 6-ring · boom type
barrel 54 mm, 55 mm
Finger rest Movable type

Sound source / timbre

  YCL - CSGlll YCL-CSG-Alll
Condition B ♭ A


  YCL - CSGlll YCL-CSG-Alll
Body material Acoustic screening Carefully selected material
Body material Granadilla
Key material White-Forged Silver Plating
Core metal · Screw material Stainless steel
Needle spring · leaf spring material Hard steel


  YCL - CSGlll YCL-CSG-Alll
Bundled items Attached mouthpiece 5CM
Case bag


Slightly thick barrel

Designed to be short in length and slightly wider inside diameter. Realizing a deep tone and rich reverberation.

Two types of barrels of 54 mm / 55 mm are included.

C # / G # sound hole

In order to improve the sound and sense of resistance of C # / G #, C # / G # tube is made into a tube, the sound hole length is made long, the sound hole diameter is designed large.

Use both leather tampo and cork tango


It has high air tightness and durability, it is used with carefully selected place of two types of leather tampo with plenty timbre and cork tango with excellent durability and less deterioration due to moisture.

Key shape

With a new shape based on ergonomics, realized a natural key touch.

Left hand E ♭ lever

Newly designed lever is equipped as standard, realizing higher operability.

Left hand F / C key contact

Improved touch feeling and reduced wear by changing from cork use to screw type.

Thumb ring - F # ring contact

Change key shape and soft matter (cork and film), improve touch feeling.

Thick bell

Edge is set at the exit part, realizing a rich and deep tone color.

Core bar · Key rod screw

By adding heat treatment to the metal core / key rod screw, it realizes a wide dynamics range.

Sound hole

Review the sound holes to achieve optimum balance between pitch and far reach.













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