YAMAHA YCL-SE Artist Model (B♭)(B flat)

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YAMAHA Original Case

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YCL-SE Artist Model

Mechanism / structure

  YCL-SE ArtistModel YCL-SE ArtistModel A
Key ring, others 18-key 6 ring / boom type, with bass correction system 18-key 6 ring / boom type, with bass correction system

Sound source / timbre

  YCL-SE ArtistModel YCL-SE ArtistModel A
Condition B ♭ A


  YCL-SE ArtistModel YCL-SE ArtistModel A
Body material Acoustic screening Carefully selected material Carefully selected material
Body material Granadilla Granadilla
Key material Western white forged silver plating (key post: pink gold plating) Western white forged silver plating (key post: pink gold plating)
Core metal · Screw material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Needle spring · leaf spring material Hard steel Hard steel


  YCL-SE ArtistModel YCL-SE ArtistModel A
Bundled items Attached mouthpiece CL-4CM CL-4CM
Case bag



Original initial plate

Adopted an original initial plate with pink gold plating full of luxury and rich visibility. A letter of the initial letter "A" of the top series "Artist Model" is carved and expresses the grade feeling of this instrument.

Mechanism to expand support during playing

We have adopted a thought-out mechanism to support difficult fingering and pitching by songs so that the player can focus on the performance expression more than ever.

A. Yamaha proprietary bass correction system

Yamaha's proprietary bass correction system solves the low pitch of bass F and E. In addition, functionality is also improved by putting the key inside the lower pipe.

B. Left hand E ♭ lever is equipped as standard

By adopting the new shape, operability is further improved.

C. Left hand F / C key contact

Change left hand F / C key contact mechanism. Adjusting screw is adopted in the key contact section, making smooth and reliable left hand operation possible.

Adopted pink gold plating

Adopted pink gold plating on the key post, harness, thumb tone hole (thumb tube). It delivers the delicacy of the tone (refinement of texture) without staying in a gorgeous appearance.

Newly designed bell / barrel

A newly designed bell with improved sense of scale of the sound. A barrel with a slightly smaller inner diameter than the SEV master increases the sound density with a moderate sense of resistance and blowing feeling.

Rising sound hole

By adopting a rising sound hole in the tone hole of D / A, sound omission and sound quality are improved.

Special case with original charm & case cover

Adopted a case cover and a traditional case that is convenient to carry. In addition, it comes with the original charm embossed with the same design as the initial plate, and it has a luxury feel suitable for the top model.














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