YFL-517 YAMAHA Professional Flute [FINESSE]

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700 Series
YFL-717 Carrying up Covered key with E mechanism Please check our listing. Please check our listing.
YFL-777 Offset ring key with E mechanism    
YFL-787 Inline ring key    
YFL-797 NEW Inline ring key with E mechanism    
600 Series
YFL-617 Covered key with E mechanism    
YFL-677 Offset ring key with E mechanism    
YFL-687 Inline ring key    
YFL-697 NEW Inline ring key with E mechanism    
500 Series
YFL-517 Covered key with E mechanism    
YFL-577 Offset ring key with E mechanism    
YFL-587 Inline ring key    
YFL-597 NEW Inline ring key with E mechanism    

* When ordering H foot pipe model, please add "H" at the end of the part number.

Professional series specification

Tone hole

Carrying up

Pull up the rising part of the tone hole from the pipe body and curl the tip to make it. It has a bright reverberation, it is a feature that you can play legato easily and lightly.

Key system

Covered key

Because the covered keiki cup has a lid shape, the key holds the hole securely and prevents leakage of breath.The covered key model is easy to hold down naturally by combination with an offset key (G key which is operated by the left hand finger and protrudes, finger length matching arrangement).

Inline ring key

Offset ring key

Technique is needed to hold the hole reliably because the ring key ring cup is ring shaped, but because you can feel the vibration of the air directly at the fingertip, it is possible to control the nuance of fine sound. It is also attractive to have a high degree of freedom of pitch by operations such as shifting fingers. In the ring key model, the combination with the inline key (the key of the main pipe is arranged in a straight line) is common, but you can also choose the model of the offset ring key.

E mechanism

E mechanism

The E mechanism is a key system to make it easier to output "M" (E sound) of the third octave which is difficult to put out due to the structure of the flute's flute.

Foot pipe

H foot pipe

H foot pipe

C foot tube

In addition to the model with C foot pipe (C tube: "D" is the lowest sound), you can also choose a model with H foot pipe (H pipe: "S" is the lowest sound). H foot tube can play not only the sound of "shi", but it may also be selected from the tone preference that changes as the tube becomes longer. C tube flute is bright and shining tone color, H tube flute is dark and glossy tone color. Also, in the H tube, the bottom key is sometimes used alone to stabilize the pitch in the high range, and Yamaha's "Gizmokyi" for such a case is equipped as standard.


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