YPC-91 YAMAHA Piccolo Handmade Series

Handmade series, main pipe · head pipe Granadilla material (acoustic sorting material), key silver · silver plating, with E mechanism.
Sales price ¥ 588,000
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Last Update: 11th Oct 2018
  YPC-91 YPC-92
Body material Material selection Acoustic sorting material Acoustic sorting material
Key material Silver / silver plating Silver / silver plating
Head tube material Granadilla Silver / silver plating
Main pipe material Granadilla Granadilla

A key

Adopted pin tops exclusively for high-end models in key arms of YPC-91, 92

Option waveform mouth opening (YPC - 91)

It is easier to stabilize your lips and you get a faster response.

Additional price ¥ 56,000

Option G # Mechanism

By the special mechanism that G # key and H key are linked, the highest note G # can be pronounced easily.

Additional price ¥ 63,000 


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