YSS-82ZRUL YAMAHA Soprano Saxophone

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Yamaha's classic YSS-62 (commonly known as 62).
The music created by the 62, loved by many jazz players, still lives on in this world as a legend.
Based on the concept of the famous 62, the YSS-82Z was created through collaboration with Yamaha's latest technology and famous artists. The legend begins again.

・Integrated curved neck & single bell
Completely one piece with no joint between neck and tube body.
The curved neck features a soft tone and moderate resistance.
The bell is handmade from a ginkgo mold.
The tube body from the neck to the bell is made of only one piece of board, giving it a free playing feel that will allow the player to express their emotions to the fullest.

・Uses many newly designed tubes and parts
Newly designed pipe taper, sound hole size and arrangement.
Many of the special parts for each part have also been newly designed.
Please enjoy the soprano tone produced by the newly developed pipe body.

・Key mechanism with high operability
The key mechanism uses a mechanism designed and laid out based on ergonomics, similar to Yamaha's flagship model YSS-875EX.
Not only is it easy to hold, but it also has high operability.

・Pitch and playing feel suitable for JAZZ
It has performance that fits the tone and tonguing of the JAZZ playing style, and has been created as an instrument with a strong JAZZ-oriented personality.

・Unlacquer finish
An unlacquered finish that makes the custom Z's artistic sound even more unique.
A deeper sound is added to the model that allows you to control the sound according to your sensibilities.
It has a good buzzing sound and is characterized by a tone that is comfortable for the player.
The unlacquered finish, which is only available on the Custom Z, has an attractive appearance that becomes more antique over time.



Key: B♭
Finish: unlacquered
Finger shell: white butterfly shell
Key: High F#・Front F
Finger rest: Movable
Neck: Straight neck with integrated body


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Accessories: Case, mouthpiece, ligature, cap, strap, cleaning cloth

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