YAS-875EXS YAMAHA Alto Saxophone Custom EX

Silver Plate
YAMAHA_Alto_Saxo_4c5393346eb66.jpgYAS-875EXS YAMAHA Alto Saxophone
YAS - 875 EXS
Color / Finish
Body / key Finishing Silver Plate
A key Instep White butterfly shell
  High F #, Front F
Finger rest Movable
Mechanism / structure
Low C # Opening stop mechanism Yes
Sound source / timbre
Key  E ♭
Bundled items Case ASC-800E
Attached mouthpiece AS-4CM
neck AG1

YAS-875EX of high quality and dignified sound

With the addition of light operability and flexibility, it became more freely expressable with better responsiveness.

A key

We review the shape and layout of various keys, and smooth and reliable performance that makes the player feel less stressful is possible.

U-shaped pipe

Pronunciation of bass is improved by change of processing method. You can realize a sense of stable blowing and resistance.

Take a single bell

A traditional method of joining one sheet of ginkgo-shaped metal plates to form a bell by craftmen one by one, the colorful rich timbre of the sound responds to the player.

Second pipe

By reviewing the position and size of the sound hole, the musical interval was improved.


By reviewing the design from scratch it will make it easier to grip, the embouchure control and the far reaching of the sound will be improved, the soft and beautiful timbre will bring out the appeal of the custom model.

Octave key

The octave key mechanism adopts its own ball joint, realizing extremely smooth movement and outstanding durability. The neck receiver improved the sound of the sound.


Exclusive case for light weight and durability. Also equipped with shoulder straps, backpack straps, you can use with 3 WAY.

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YAMAHA Original Case

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