YSS-875EXG YAMAHA Soprano Saxophone Custome EX

YAMAHA_Soprano_S_4c538d164b90e.jpgYSS-8756EXG YAMAHA Soprano Saxophone
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Last Update: 17th Oct 2018


YSS-875EXHG is equipped with HighG key on the conventional YSS-875EX.


YSS-875EXG comes standard with two types of neck, straight and curved. By players exchanging according to their preferences, we can respond to a wide range of musical expressions.

Pivot screw

By using sharp shell type screws with a pointed tip, we are achieving high-precision tightening without rattling.


A special case full of luxurious custom models. It is super lightweight and rich in durability. Convenient shoulder strap for carrying.

Color / Finish

  YSS-875 EX YSS-875 EXHG
Body / key Finishing Gold lacquer Gold lacquer


  YSS-875 EX YSS-875 EXHG
A key Instep White butterfly shell White butterfly shell
Finger rest Movable Movable
A key High F #, Front F High G, High F #, Front F


Mechanism / structure

  YSS-875 EX YSS-875 EXHG
Low C # Opening stop mechanism Yes Yes

Sound source / timbre

  YSS-875 EX YSS-875 EXHG
Key  B ♭ C # Single tone hole B ♭ C # Single tone hole


  YSS-875 EX YSS-875 EXHG
Bundled items Case SSC-875 EX SSC-875 EX
Attached mouthpiece SS-4CM SS-4CM
neck SG 2 & SG 2 R SG 2 & SG 2 R


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---Included ---

Hard Case: SSC-875EX 

2 Necks: Straight & Carved 

Mouthpiece: SS-4CM 

Taro's TRADE JAPAN 1 Year Warranty 














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