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あまりの障害の多さに辟易していたところに、Taro's Tradeのことを知りました。
I've been living in NYC/NJ area in USA for a long time.
Having the Electone in my house was my dream but I found out it is very difficult to purchase one from Japan and ship it to overseas. (Import tax forms etc)
I found out about Taro's Trade in the Internet and I contacted to Taro.
He always got back to me right away and super helpful and responsive. 
Even after I received the Electone, he answered my questions about set ups quickly.
I am so glad I purchased my Electone via Taros trade and I am so excited to play this in my house.
Thank you!
追伸/P.S (5th June 2017)
エレクトーンが自宅に配送される前にフェデックスから電話があり、CBP 5106という輸入税に関する書類に記入して送り返すように言われました。
エレクトーンが届いて約十日後にフェデックスからDuty and Tax Invoiceという請求書が郵送されてきました。
額は$301.62でした。これは国や州によって変わってくるそうです。事前にTaro's Tradeさんから金額計予測サイトを教えていただいていたので、金額については把握していました。
(I live in East coast, United States)
Before my electone was shipped to my house, I got phone call from Fedex.
The lady from Fedex asked my email address and sent the PDF form called "CBP 5106" for import tax form. 
I just had to put my full name, address, social security number, and signature.
I had Adobe Acrobat so I digitally input and signed. The Fedex lady said some people print the form, fill out, then take picture and attach to the reply email.
10 days after I received my electone, I received the form called Duty and Tax Invoice from Fedex via mail.
The document had details about the tax I owe and contact phone number.
I took a close look at the invoice but looks like only payment option was sending a check. 
Usually, if you have option to pay online using credit card, I can see it on the bill but in this case, I didn't see such options.
My bill was $301.62 USD. 
It would be changed based on the states and countries. Taro gave me tax estimate calculator before so I was aware of approximate price. So no surprise. 
Thank you so much purchased ELC-02 form us .
And we do very appreciate for your fantastic review!
If you have any questions or problems please get back to me anytime.
Many thanks

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