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Its here Taro san!   its in my house.

It switches on!   All good.  The top keyboard is a mess.  its all weird…    but  the rest of it seems to work.

I will send videos and pictures to you later or tomorrow

I will fix the top keyboards next year when i have money.   But just to HAVE IT.  is a dream

And truly.  I can never say thank you enough

Now we need to find a TONE PROGRAMMER. !

More later as soon as i have it!

Dion x


Taro-san…  i tell you … the packaging company are to be commended.   WHAT A JOB.    No one packs like them   NO ONE

I tell you…  its a dream that literally makes me cry when i think about it.
I will take other videos and show you.    If i can get the upper keyboard fixed in the new year it will be SMOKING
i ordered a power transformer  100v to 120 -  just incase as i don’t think this one has a switch.  The speakers have switches.
SO ALL good.   Sorry for crazy emails.   been a busy day trying to arrange it all
Duties and customs came to $2400 -  so it was ok.    
Dion x
Dear Taro-san

GX-1 Arrived safely in Los Angeles.   Thank you one million times for helping me.

I have known you for, what? 6 or 7 years.   You ALWAYS help.  It is always perfect …  and easy and simple.

It was packed so well -  just incredible.   This is a 20 year search that you made possible.  How can i ever say thank you enough

Warmest wishes
Los Angeles

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