(USED)(Only 1 Left!)(Out of Publish) Sound Inn 6 CINEMA 2 Inc FD for EL-90/70

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Last Update: 14th Aug 2019
Sound in 8 Cinema 2 2
Sound in 8 Cinema 2 3
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Floppy Disk Registration data for EL-90/70 is included.

(Please understand that due to the age we can not guarantee this Floppy Disk works perfectly on your EL Electone.)


 About Electone books shipping cost & Registration data Handling fee is from here

Music Titles 

1. The Sound of Music 

2. Back To The Future Main Title

3. Theme From Superman

4. Tra's Theme

5. Moonlight Serenade 

6. Main Theme From Star Trek

7. Theme From "Star Trek IV" : The Voyage Home


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