(USED)(Out of Publish) 2 Electone books set. 1) Sound In 26 Fusion & 2)Masashi Takano Inc EL90/70 FD data

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Floppy Disk Registration data for EL-90/70 is included.

(Please understand that due to the age we can not guarantee this Floppy Disk works perfectly on your EL Electone.)


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Electone Sound In 26 FUSION

Music Titles 

1. Last Train Home / Pat Metheny Group 

2. Catwalk / Don Grusin 

3. Santa Fe Trail / Rippingtons

4. Colibri / incognito

5. Feet First / Lyle Mays

6. Some Skunk Funk / The Brecker Brothers 

Masashi Takano 

Music Titles 

1. Stand By Me

2. Corner Pocket 

3. Ghost Busters 

4. Stars And Stripes Forever

5. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence 

6. Funeral March of a Marionette 


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