(Few books left) STAGEA Vol.11 Disney Medley Best Selection 1 Grade 5-3

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Music Titles 

1. Beauty and The Beast Medley (Prologue - Be our Guest - Transformation )/ Alan Menken 


2. Tangled Medley ( I see the light - I've got a Dream- When Will My Life Begin ) / Alan Menken

3. Lion King Medley ( I just can't wait to be king - Can you feel the love tonight - Circle of Life  / Alan Menken



4. Snow White Medley ( Prologue  - Some day my prince will come - I'm wishing - A Whisle while you work - Hi Ho 0 / Frank Churchill / Larry Morey 

5. Pirates of Caribbean Medley ( Medallion Calls - Swords Crossed -He's a Pairates / Klaus Badelt/Ramin Djawadi/Hans Zimmer/Steve Jablonsky/Geoffrey Zanelli





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