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This item sold 4 Jan 2014.

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For sale: Yamaha Stagea D-Deck (DDK-7) complete with the following options :-

1. D-Deck Keyboard [DDK-7]

2. D-Deck Keyboard Stand [DDKU-L7]

3. D-Deck Pedal Board [DDKU-P7]

4. D-Deck Music Rest [DDKU-R7]

5. D-Deck Bench/Stool [DDKU-B7]

This instrument is in mint condition and comes complete with all original documentation, accessories and packaging, including a new power transformer (Power Converter Ti-200).

The DDK-7 is approximately 18 months old. This seller is willing to ship to any location in Australia. The seller is parting with this instrument because he was so impressed by the DDK-7 he has imported an ELS-01XU.

The DDK-7 is available for inspection in Newcastle, NSW. Asking price AUD$3500 + Shipping.


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