Ichiro's Malt & Grain White Label World Blended Whiskey 46% 700ml Domestic Whiskey Saitama Prefecture Chichibu Distillery Limited Edition

Alcohol content: 46% Capacity: 700 ml
Sales price ¥ 7,000
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Last Update: 3rd Jul 2020
Ichiros Malt & Grain 2 Japanese whisky

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<Ichiro's Malt & Grain White Label>

At Chichibu Distillery, established in 2008, we mature whiskey in a traditional storehouse of dunnage style (molding type of stacking barrels).

Aged in a single barrel and those that are suitable, those that exert their power when used for blending,
develop different types of whiskey. 

A total of 9 distillery malt brews (domestic and foreign)
2 blends of distillery grain whiskey.

It is a refreshing and gorgeous whiskey.

The color is bright and shiny gold.
Fresh citrus such as lemon peel and orange peel accents
Top note that feels fruity.
Harmony of deep and complex whiskey in a light and sweet suite,
I feel a rich finish.

The compatibility with highball is perfect.
I dare to add some water to make it richer
It is a blend.
Non-chill filter (no cooling filtration)
It is non-colored.


<Taro's comment>

In a nutshell, the taste is rich and mellow. ‥
In a slightly sweet and smooth taste, rich malt richness,
It also has a refreshing summery feel.
Although it is adjusted at 46 degrees, it has a good balance that does not make you feel the frequency.
Several kinds of scotch are included in the blend,
The style is a little different from the blend that uses Hanyu as the original sake,
This is also interesting.
Moreover, at this level of whiskey, this price is amazing! !!

I am very surprised by Mr. Ichiro's blending ability.
This is "buying" even if you are not Ichiro fan.




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