(Sold Out) SVC110SPW Pearl White Limited Edition

A new color "Pearl White" appears in a silent cello that has a silencing function and can enjoy the sound and feeling of play that does not feel uncomfortable while drastically reducing the sound of the sound.

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Acoustic cello's performance feeling and quietness unique to the silent series realized

Compared to acoustic cello, the volume of sound and sound energy has been greatly reduced. Excellent quietness has been realized with the feeling of the cello transmitted to the fingertip and body as it is. It is perfect for nighttime practice regardless of location. In addition, there is no unnatural feeling in playing, such as selecting a material similar to an acoustic cello to a neck, a finger board, a string, a bridge (a piece) and finishing with high accuracy.

Even beginners can enjoy a relatively clear tone

We further refined the technology to electronically reproduce the resonance unique to string instruments. Newly designed pickups and electronic circuits to sense string vibration. I realized the quality of the sound which can reproduce up to the breathing of cello performance. In addition, equipped with a reverb function that produces a reverberation effect by digital signal processing. Because it reproduces the resonance sound of acoustic cello and the sound in the hall, clear beginner can enjoy clear sound with relatively easy bow operation. In addition, the reverb function can be switched in 3 stages of "small room / medium hall / big hall".

Ensemble performance with other silent series is possible

Equipped with a headphone jack, a line out jack. Connecting to an external amplifier, ensemble playing with other silent series is also possible. Also, if you connect the AUX IN jack with a music data player, CD player, etc., you can enjoy the cello part according to the performance of the orchestra or piano, or you can record your own performance.


I adopted a cushion-attached chest pocket that does not get tired even for a long time performance.

Body structure

Adopted a body structure with a slit between the top board and the body. I realized an acoustic rich sound.

AC adapter (sold separately) available

For those who want to practice for a long time without worrying about battery life, AC adapter (PA-3C) is available separately.


Special stand (sold separately) available

We have a stand (BST 1) that keeps instruments safe and stands instruments. You can adjust the height according to the position of the neck, let it hold at the part of the soft sponge material.


  SVC 110 S SVC 110 SPW
Main Specifications
size 4/4 4/4
A rod portion Maple Maple
Body part Spruce / Maple Spruce / Maple
flame Molded plywood Molded plywood
Knee rest - -
Fingerboard Ebony Ebony
string Ball end type Ball end type
A bobbin Ebony Ebony
bridge Maple (manufactured by Aubert) Maple (manufactured by Aubert)
Tailpiece Wittner / Ultra Wittner / Ultra
Adjuster 4 pieces 4 pieces
pick up Piezoelectric pickup Piezoelectric pickup
Control (main unit) Volume Aux Inn (with volume adjustment) Reverb (Room / Hall 1 / Hall 2) Volume Aux Inn (with volume adjustment) Reverb (Room / Hall 1 / Hall 2)
Input / output terminal Headphone output, line out, Aux Inn Headphone output, line out, Aux Inn
Power supply part AA battery × 2 or AC adapter input AA battery × 2 or AC adapter input
Battery life (continuous use time) Manganese battery (With reverb) Up to 3 hours (no reverb) Up to 10 hours (With reverb) Up to 3 hours (no reverb) Up to 10 hours
Alkaline battery (With reverb) Up to 9 hours (no reverb) Up to 25 hours (With reverb) Up to 9 hours (no reverb) Up to 25 hours
Dimensions (L × W × H) 1,266 mm × 430 mm × 243 mm (end pin shortest state) 1,266 mm × 430 mm × 243 mm (end pin shortest state)
weight 3.7 kg (including batteries, breastplates) 3.7 kg (including batteries, breastplates)
Stereo headphones Attached Attached
Case Soft case included Soft case included
bow Carbon bow (CBB 301) attached Carbon bow (CBB 301) attached
breastplate Attached Attached
Other accessories Audio cable, rosin Audio cable, rosin



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