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[Benefit of Learning Electone] 

1. You can play fun from early childhood because the keyboard is light

Electone's keyboard is lighter than the piano. Although it can be tiring with the weight of the keyboard of the piano at still low age, the lighter touch of the Electone makes it a smoother and easier play.

2. Chords can be made by one person

The real pleasure of keyboard instruments is that you can make chords even as one person. Violin is also popular as a lesson, but if you want to continue music long after childhood, keyboard instruments are recommended.
If the bass line is playing alone, I'm bored. Monophonic instruments are not fun. As expected, you can play instruments that can produce chords.


3. Types of instruments, rhythm, rendition style ... to improve comprehensive music abilities

Electone can produce sounds of like a stringed instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments e.t.c.

The way you use your fingers varies with instruments, and you can sound out many instruments from a young age on Electone.



4. A great variety of music styles and performance pieces are available. 

The genre of the score of the Electone scores are wider than the piano. You can find music scores of your favourite songs, such as Disney songs that the orchestra plays, J-POP, Top 100, traditional and classical pieces and so much more. The full effect of some of these pieces that you can obtain from the Electone including background rhythms, alternate instruments, sound effects and tone changes keeps you entertained and coming back for more as you can create the whole sound. 

Totoro (Players Age : About 10-11)

Super Mario Brothers Medley

(Players Age : 10)

For the First Time (Player Age : 8)

5. Both hands and even the side of the thigh and feet are used

Electone involves more than just playing with your hands.

In fact, we are using the whole body to adjust the volume, change the sound of instruments, change the sound effect sound and so on. Coordination and movement of each part separately is good for your whole body.

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