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            I have got ELC-02 for many weeks and This is an amazing instrument for all Electone lover.  ELC-02 is dispatched to Thailand with perfect condition and Fedex here is helpful for all convenience. I used to have EL900 for 15 years and it's time to update new Electone generation.  ELC-02 is the best choice , unfortunately yamaha Thailand takes too much time 3-4 months for every order.  So I decided to find a trusted provider in Japan and then Taro's trade can help me delivering this nice electone at the door within 25 days after money trasferring.

          ELC-02 is a flexible instrument that I can carry across country and it's fit my SUV car.  This is a good advantage compare to EL900 as below

Big display and touch screen : Easy to see everything at a glance

Modern sound :  If you are hollywood soundtrack lover , you will love ELC

Easy to move around :  You can ensemble the organ all alone within 10 minutes and travel anywhere.

Smooth key action :    I used to have EL900 and the horizontal action key of it is a little bit harder than ELC-02  , but when you get familiar with ELC , you will feel comfortable to play .Most keyboard models nowadays are more likely to be smooth action key. 

Usb data :  music data is loaded quickly and it's flexible to save and reload all the time.

ELC-02 is a good  choice for electone player who wanna get the best sound and valuable price.

Thanks Taro

Jeremi Jensen

20th August 2018

Electone player and music composer


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