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Hi Taro:
I've owned a (thus far trouble-free) Yamaha AR-100 home organ for 18 years.  For the past 3 or 4 years I was hoping and looking for unique voicing downloads (such as human-voiced scat, rap, etc.) as well as other sound effects, which were not to come.  Retailers for the home organ has virtually disappeared in the U.S.  Eventually, I contacted Taro's Trade in Japan through the internet and inquired about the Stage-A model ELS-02C.   Taro Ogata answered many questions I had, even encouraging me to ask more.   In the end I settled on ELC-02.  Not only does it have several versions of human voices, but lots of available sound effects.  Although I am not very savvy about I-pad and/or I-phone, the ELC-02 has inputs for both.  Among other impressive (numerous) features are (3) USB inputs, a music write (follow the bouncing ball) program, which is especially useful when improvising.  I was also impressed with its' height, (like my AR100) the ELC 02 lower  keyboard stands 32-1/2" above the floor.  Taro gives much accurate information regarding import dates and tracking, and follow-up.  One final comment, I could always rely on Taro to respond quickly to my e-mails.
Thank You
(Purchased Item : STAGEA ELC-02) 

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