YEV105 YAMAHA Electric Violin

Released Date : June 2016
A new-generation electric violin (5 string model) for performance that combines innovative beautiful design and excellent performance suitable for stage youth.
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Last Update: 1st May 2022

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It combines innovative beautiful design and playability, and proposes the possibility of new performance.

- High design quality shining on stage

It is a design with continuity of the back and front like a Moebius wheel. With stage youth in mind, it is a beautiful three dimensional modeling from the audience seating.

- Shapes without uncomfortable feeling in changing from an acoustic violin

Common commercially available shoulder rest can be installed with common shape with acoustic violin. Shoulder rests are not included, but those who are already playing the acoustic violin can be used with their shoulder stiffness changed as they are.

- Organic design with wood texture and materials

Painting using the color of the material as it is (NT model)

Commitment to sound

In order to respond to the musical expression required by the player, we pursued natural sounds and responses.

- Body

We examine the material and adopt a five layer structure of mahogany, spruce centering on Maple, realizing natural sound quality with good standing.

* Although it is hidden behind the paint in YEV 104 BL, the structure is the same.

- flame

Walnut 5-layer structure The frame of the oil finish has flexibility and strength, and it contributes not only to the characteristic design but also to the creation of the natural sound.

- pick up

Equipped with the well-established SV 250 and the same type high-output passive pickup built-in type piece. While picking up the resonance of the entire instrument, I have the advantage of being able to faithfully reproduce the goodness of the sound rising and the performance representation by bow use.

- Changeover switch

Switching between pickup signal output directly (direct out) and volume control via output. By using direct out, you can fully demonstrate the original performance of the instrument, the bass will be a sound with plenty of punch.




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18th March 2022. We posted YAMAHA Electric Violin YEV-105 (Black) to Nellore India. Many thanks 

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