YVN500S YAMAHA Artida Violin

The resonance of the straddy that we reached with YVN 200 S was sublimated to a new model with shine and gloss even more with the latest technology and skilled Kraftwerk.
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Last Update: 5th May 2022
YVN500S YAMAHA Violin Side

Yamaha Violin Altida YVN500S is temporarily suspended for manufacturing. We don't know ETA at the moment. 



"ARE" technology has realized a richer and deeper sounding.

ARE (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) is a Yamaha original wood reforming technology that improves acoustic characteristics by controlling temperature, humidity, and air pressure with high accuracy. The underlying technology is patented. By generating short-term changes similar to aged deterioration of timber that passed a long time, the mid- to low-tone elongation has greatly improved, and the rise of the treble is increased and the damping speed has been increased. By applying this technology to the violin, we get the sound elongation and resonance that makes reminiscent of the matured instruments aged over the years, flexibly responding to the various musical expressions of the musicians.

ARE technology is environment-friendly technology that does not use any chemicals at all.

◆ Patent Japanese Patent No. 3562517 / Europe EP 1291143

◆ The 3rd "Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award" sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Product and Technology Development Division Excellence Award"

For more information about ARE, please refer to "What is ARE".

It combines manufacturing skills by skilled craftsmanship with the latest technology.

In addition to the basic technology and skills of producing wooden musical instruments for over 100 years, we collect the manufacturing technology of acoustic violin over 10 years. Yamaha pursued "ideal violin" by combining traditional craftsmanship and advanced instrument technology such as high-precision modeling with 3-dimensional CAD and vibration analysis by finite element method.

We adopted antique finish with flavor and texture.


In addition to carefully painted painting, it adopts "antique finish" design that expresses "aged after aging" like a violin used for many years. "Bleaching of varnish", "scratches and varnish accompanying playing and handling", "directing of wood grain (texture)", "secular change of edges", etc. are made, and it has an appearance with taste and texture. Since this "antique finish" is coated with a new coating film after painting, it will not expand or deteriorate in the degree of daily use.

We changed the structure of the coating film by "UV irradiation" technology, and improved the sound quality.

By irradiating ultraviolet rays of a specially selected wavelength, we adopted "ultraviolet irradiation" technology aiming at improving acoustic characteristics by changing the molecular structure of coating films such as varnish. It incorporates not only the appearance of the coating but also the specification that takes into consideration the effect of varnish characteristics on sound quality.

◆ Patent Japanese Patent No. 4677857

You can choose your chairperson type of your choice.


【Overtail piece type (Garneri model, Fresh model, Old fresh model)】

Hold the instruments firmly on the jaw line. You can choose 3 types depending on the shape of the chin and the way you stand.

【Side type (Hill model)】

The contact point with the instrument is small and the weight becomes light.


  YVN 500 S
Color / Finish
Body Finishing Oil varnish antique finish
Body type Stradivarius type
size 4/4
Front plate Spruce
Back plate Maple
Side plate Maple
Rod / neck Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Thread winding Boxwood others
Tailpiece Boxwood others
Bridge / bridge Aubert Delux
string Brand name E: Gold bra cut 0.27, A / D / G: Infeld red
Chin rest Box wood, 4 types can be selected (For details, see "Features")




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